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Do you ever find yourself on a vacation in paradise and you swat a fly and you spend the rest of the day feeling sad for the fly's family? Welcome to Rob's world. He worries about things that most of us wouldn't even think about. When he sees 'beef lips" as an ingredient in a snack he's concerned for the lipless cow that can't moo.

One thing Rob doesn't have to worry about is keeping busy. Rob has performed Iive in four continents and almost every little corner of the world. In addition to comedy clubs and corporate shows Rob has done USO tours in Europe and Asia and cruise ships in the Caribbean. And then there was the Molson Ice Polar Beach Party where he worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the North Pole. "My biggest fear was that I would be heckled by Santa. If I got the better of him he'd pass me over at Christmas." Rob's television career is really taking off too with appearances on Comedy Central, the Fox Network and local talk shows as well as radio and voice-over work from coast to coast. After a recent week in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Today said "Rob Brackenridge has a zany, off the wall type of humor, exploring the smallest facet of life through the eyes of a lunatic... Brackenridge is a goofy comedian with an undercurrent of genius."

Born and raised in the Midwest to academic parents, Rob now lives in Los Angeles where he is a regular at the comedy clubs. "My Dad Is a Physics professor and my Mom is a Classics professor. Every time I'd ask a simple question I'd get a three-hour lecture. Then I'd be quizzed and graded. If I didn't hold a "C"' average I'd have to repeat my last year... I'm still not sure how old I am, which has me worried."

"Maybe I do worry too much,"' says Rob. "The other day I thought I was becoming obsessive/compulsive, but it turns out I just have really dirty hands."


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