Rob Brackenridge

Rob's lifelong global travels have given his comedy a unique style that appeals to a wide audience. From clubs and casinos to theaters and corporate shows, his keen ear for accents and wacky characterizations keep 'em rolling in the aisles.

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Legend Dairy

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30+ Years and 1000+ stories.

Working professionally since 1987 in comedy venues worldwide, Comedian Rob Brackenridge has performed for corporations, cruise ships, comedy clubs, casinos and theaters as well as U.S.O. tours for our troops worldwide.  The Appleton, WI native moved to Los Angeles in 1991, appearing on Comedy Central’s Make Me Laugh, his DryBar special "Legend Dairy", The Standup Journeymen and many more. Rob’s T.V. credits include LA Forensics,  Comcast Comedy Spotlight, The Bob and Tom Show and numerous commercials. Rob’s keen ear for accents has helped him develop “Wisconics”, a ‘Sconie version of Ebonics.